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Food Data System and Mobile apps


Foresight, the government panel on future technology, warns that our changing lifestyles are affecting attitudes towards food and that this has had an adverse impact  on public health. Foresight concludes there is a lack of easy-access to essential information on food issues. Foresight also identifies serious gaps in the span and scale of this information.

The strength of the Foodcounts proposition is in emphasising the importance of having a broad knowledge of the food we eat - in terms of food content, food storage, food preparation - and in developing a truly original concept in data handling that addresses these issues by introducing:-  

  • a radical improvement in the range and depth of this food knowledge
  • totally new method of knowledge enquiry and presentation
  • a full choice of knowledge-delivery across all types of reception devices

The Foodcounts data system is also configured to provide an option for on-line ordering, including a first-ever mobile interface.

Our ultimate objective is to construct our system around a UK national database of all bar-coded foods.  The immediate plan is to  focus on the general category of convenience foods and ready meals. Initially the business will be modelled around 4 distinct markets:- 

  • the top segment of the food retail market, focussing initially on the the top 5 
  • manufacturers of fridges, freezers, microwaves and ovens 
  • the health and fitness consumer market in both private and public sectors 
  • consumers with disabilities, particularly the blind and partially sighted