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How does it work             

A new concept in database construction, it will have the capacity and capability to incorporate all food-items sold within the UK. It will also allow for an unprecedented  level of data-manipulation. There will be 3 databases:-

FoodID™  (food-item identity) contains the data that identifies a food-item for inter-operability. Initially this will be : barcode, phonetic code (for voice recognition interface) and food-item-taxonomy.

FoodACT™ (action data) contains the food-item-knowledge collated from individual profiles. This content interacts with the FoodID™ database. It is this feature that provides the high levels of data-manipulation. 

FoodXTN™ (extension to database) is a secure database in which consumer, retailer and manufacturer profiles can be safely stored. Access is through our proprietary CoreID™ technology. This gives us the necessary security to be able to communicate  and integrate with 3rd party databases.

Full scale inter-operability is achieved by a consumer-centric approach with particular emphasis on VoiceXML (for voice recognition) and other user-interface technologies. The databases operations are shown in separate a diagram

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