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a list of some functional foods 

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Some Functional foods (health-giving benefits)



carrots contains alpha-carotene, neutralizes free radicals which may cause damage to cells
tomatoes contains lycopene, may reduce risk of prostate cancer
eggs contains zeaxanthin, contributes to maintenance of healthy vision
gelatine contains collagen hydrolysate, may help improve some symptoms associated with osteoarthritis
tuna contains Omega-3 fatty acids DHA/EPA, may reduce risk of CVD & improve mental, visual functions
tea contains catechins, neutralize free radicals, may reduce risk of cancer
yoghurt contains lactobacillus, may improve gastrointestinal health
soy foods contains saponin, may lower LDL cholesterol; contains anti-cancer enzymes
cranberries contains proanthocyanidins,  may improve urinary tract health may reduce risk of CVD

Source IFIC