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... a system to promote healthy eating by nutrition monitoring...
adding up macronutrients + micronutrients + functional foods + risk-foods... operating on a personal food-list.... on the move.

What exactly is Foodcounts?

It's a food diary system that selects, measures and analyses what we eat - to optimal accuracy - relying only on official food composition tables.

It promotes a system of diet-optimality (for given periods) by ritualising healthy eating based on a personal choice from those 300 fundamental and named foods which have been independently evaluated for their nutritional values.

It employs a proprietary coding scheme of Core-Identity  to connect these fundamental foods with all other known foods, either as varieties, segments or as ingredients

For any given monitoring period it relies on the avoidance of all convenience and packaged foods for which there is no reliable composition data (particularly the full data-sets of vitamins and minerals)

The prime aim is to arrive at single benchmark day, when a menu of foods-of-choice will satisfy EU guidelines on healthy eating:
  • to match the EU recommended daily intake levels on all nutrients
  • to observe the 5-a-day rule for fruit and veg

The core system will be manual and based on look-up tables, flash cards and food tables to encourage rote learning on nutrition values. The broad system, particularly for ongoing monitoring, will be Internet and mobile driven

The optimality of food-counting principles will also be extended to include fresh food-value degrades throughout the distribution chain, degrades through cooking, and degrades through storage

We will be creating a unique databank of packaged food items, centred on the universal product barcode number, and collating 3 main data sets:- 
  • cooking
  • storage
  • freezing defrosting information.
We will also account for the environmental cost of personal food consumption measured against retail price, and wastage price (and incorporating footprint values where published)
We have given particular attention to the innovation recommendations of the Foresight FCCI  Panel and believe we have developed a system design that allows for new standards of food information and considerably increased information on food ingredients. Our system also connects the information link between the food supplier and modern kitchen appliances. In particular all aspects of our data bank interface will incorporate the “access-for-all” ethos. Moreover, by profiling individual customer needs on health status and general lifestyle choices, a new range of enquiry applications are made possible with totally new and fresh options on  food selection.
The add-on use of mobile phone (cell phone) access will provide an ultimate food diary system. It will also provide the complete range of information on proteins, fats (lipids), carbohydrates (starches), vitamins and all other macronutrients and micronutrients contained within the US and UK national food databases.

Foodcounts® has been developed by a small team of leading-experts in the mobile phone industry

Corporata Ltd ©2001-20011

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